Onion Cake

...is this thing on?

It's been almost a year since I published a puzzle anywhere, let alone on this lonely lil' blog.

I went on vacation last June, and when I got back, my professional life changed dramatically and I lost the time and creative energy to keep constructing.

While my professional life hasn't exactly calmed down, something has shifted and inspiration has begun to strike! Maybe it's the weather.

Whatever the case, you might be wondering, "...onion cake?" Yes, onion cake. So listen, this puzzle has layers, which made me think of Shrek, which made me think of cakes and onions. "Onion cake" seemed like an absurd culinary atrocity to me (apparently forgetting that savory cakes are a thing) which could therefore serve as a silly title, but leave it to the internet to prove to me that everything exists. Here's a recipe for the onion cake in the post image. If you try it, let me know!

ABOUT THIS PUZZLE: Well, Norah and I decided we needed another collaboration, and an acrostic felt fun. Then I said, "What if acrostic but also CRYPTIC?" and this puzzle was born.

Norah says, "I'm always down to go along with whatever brilliant shenanigans Kaye comes up with. This one is a puzzle, inside a puzzle, inside another puzzle? I don't know, I lost count. Enjoy!"

Norah makes puzzles for her blog and Lil AVC X (and is an excellent collaborator and overall lovely human).

Thanks so much to Steve Mossberg for giving excellent feedback (most of which we followed).

Remember to comment or hit up the contact form, and if you solve/stream/like/dislike/find a typo, let me know :)

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