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Bitchin' Fill, Brah

Whoooooa, a whole puzzle I made all by myself?! Righteous. This theme came from a clue I wrote for a totally different puzzle that ended up getting edited out, which I'm stoked about, 'cause it led to this puzzle, which I really like. The theme is silly and it has some of my favorite clues I've ever written. I am also tickled by the title, both for the surface read and because if you stretch*** the theme to apply to it, you get a lil' easter egg that describes what the puzzle is ;) ***and by stretch I mean do a similar but not strictly identical thing; it doesn't count as a revealer or a meta, it's just a goofy lil' idea I had :P If you stream/solve/love/hate it, let me know! fullscreen solve   |  .jpz

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