Photo Dump

Like broken clockwork, I'm back with another collab! Norah did that magic thing that she does where she heard a puzzle opportunity in my incoherent rambling, and I'll let her explain:

"Another puzzle born of an idea from a Twitch stream. Kay was talking about (something... what were you even talking about??) and used the phrase that became the title of this puzzle when I popped into her DMs. Thanks to Wordlisted, Ingrid, and our test solver who delivered quite the banger of a puzzle via last week's AVCX."

I was probably talking about my inability to ever post to Instagram, even when I'm on vacation in cool places like this:

Inside Meow Wolf's Omega Mart in Las Vegas

The room (Discord chat) where it happened

If you stream/solve/love/hate it, let us know!

fullscreen solve